Some Witcher Magic Is Coming To Rocket League

Rocket League took the Xbox by storm last year and since its release the developers haven’t been shy about including some of their favourite franchises in their game. We’ve all ready had Halo cars, the back to the future car as well as Batman Vs Superman additions. Well now it’s time for the Witcher to get the same treatment.

To celebrate thew upcoming release of the Blood and Wine expansion for the Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt from next week you will be able to adorn your car witrh a Witcher medallion.

Developer Psyonix Studios had this to say “Our sneak previews continue today with another special one! Starting with the FREE “Hoops” update on April 26, Witcher fans can customize their Battle-Cars with the Witcher Medallion Antenna thanks to our friends at CD Projekt Red! We thought it was an apt choice in anticipation of their upcoming Blood and Wine expansion.

Several members of the Psyonix team were big fans of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt last year, so we talked with the awesome developers at CD Projekt Red to see if Geralt of Rivia’s iconic Witcher Medallion could make its way into Rocket League! We found the feeling was mutual.”

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