Square-Enix Release Teaser for 2nd Episode of Hitman

Square Enix have decided to release a teaser trailer for what awaits Hitman fans next week when the second episode of the new season comes out on the 26th April. The first episode was set in Paris and received an excellent 9 out of 10 from us so here’s hoping the 2nd episode can live up to what Paris had to offer. Here is our review of the first episode please click HERE. So without further ado here is the trailer for the second episode:

Looks intriguing don’t you think? HERE you will find a link to some screenshots and some further information. The second episode will be set on the Amalfi coast in a small town called Sapienza a far cry from the open world setting that Paris had but hopefully it can live up to expectations. In the last couple of hours the official Hitman Twitter page has posted this with full details of the upcoming episode:

For the full release notes please click HERE and you shall be whicked away to the official Hitman site. Are you excited for the second release or have you been biding your time before you buy? Please let us know in the comments.

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