Horror Game The Park Coming to Consoles

Are you willing to walk into horror? Then get ready to enter The Park.

The Park, a narrative-focused horror game, sees you play as a mother searching for her lost child in a hauntingly realised amusement park. That’s a great setting; relatable and genuinely terrifying once the carnival lights go out.

The Park 01

Developed by Funcom, whose last console game was the decade-old Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, the game was slated for release last week. That was pushed back and the game will now arrive on May 3rd.

The Park has received pretty mixed reviews, described as a walking simulator that’s not exactly confident in its own gameplay. That’s a major blow, given the brilliantly chilling concept, and the design simply drips with atmosphere.

The Park 03

Having said that, at least Funcom have been pretty upfront about the real reason they’re bringing their PC game to consoles. In a press release to investors, they admitted that:

The main objective with this Console release of “The Park” is to acquire knowledge and experience with the processes related to releasing a game on Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s Playstation 4 consoles, in order to reduce the risks associated with Console releases for “Conan Exiles” and future titles… As previously communicated, the Company does not expect “The Park” to generate significant revenues.

Will you be stumping up the price of admission and buying a ticket to The Park? Let us know how you get on… if you survive the night.

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