The Division Game Breaking Glitch – Yet Again

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Most of us that play The Division have probably come across at least one glitch or another in their time playing. They range from the minimal graphical loading times, to the destructive character “deletion”, even if that was just temporary. If you haven’t had the pleasure in completing Falcon’s Lost yet (PROPERLY!) you might not be aware that the Incursion is broken beyond belief however, it’s such a widely known issue that joining a group via matchmaking for the Challenge difficulty will almost certainly result in someone saying “shall we cheese it”. There have been a few methods that include using deployable cover to glitch through walls and even via a ladder to be able to attack and kill the final boss of the Incursion without having to worry about any enemies at all – it just takes a little while to complete. But many who love the cheesing methods of end-game content don’t care as the shiny loots they can then gain make them a stronger character – though, for what reasons who actually knows if they’re just going to glitch the harder parts of the game!

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And so, here we are once again after some fellow agents have found another glitch in the game that can potentially increase your weapon damage by 1000% – yes that’s not too many zeros there. The “Competent” talent on some of the weapons in game increases your weapon damage by X percent after using a skill for 10 seconds. Usually, this is around the 13% on high-end level 30’s and lasting for 10 seconds. However, and this is the killer, rapidly and repeatedly equipping two different weapons with the talent causes this talent to stack (hidden) almost indefinitely resulting in weapon damage soaring into the millions.

Just how bad this has effected the game can be seen in the video below where a player (On PC I might add, though the talent glitch is confirmed on XBOX One) has used one of the other glitches to avoid the enemies on Falcon’s Lost Challenge mode.

*Apologies for not being able to embed video, but click here*

IKR?! Two-shotting the APC boss, on Challenge mode….

Anyone thinking of getting round actually defeating the incursion without actually killing enemies though may want to heed our warning as community managers of the game have stated that “action will be taken” whether you cheated once or repeatedly, possibly with permanent bans. How they’ll manage that exactly is a question for another day but let’s hope that end-game content is fixed so that it is exactly that and not something any group can glitch out to complete.

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