Has Titanfall 2’s Release Been Confirmed For 2016?

We all knew it was coming, and last week Titanfall 2 was officially announced with the release of the new trailer. The trailer is a very small glimpse into the next Titanfall and its not giving much away, well apart from what appears to be a giant Titan sword!

At this time however, EA have yet to confirm any sort of release schedule. The closet they have came to any form of conformation in fact is with EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen telling the games investors to ‘assume’ the game will be launching some time in the second half of EA’s financial year. That points at a release between October 2016 and March 2017. That still isn’t a definitive answer from EA however.

Well hold on to you Titans as the retailer GAME have accidentally let slip a gem of information, in the form of having listed Titanfall 2 as ‘TBC-2016′  on their website, hinting that they know something we don’t. This wasn’t up for very long and has now been removed by the site, if you have a look at the Titanfall 2 details it once again shows-  ‘RELEASE TBC PRE-ORDER’. If this turns out to be correct then we could be looking at Titanfall 2 coming out this year?

*Source Gamespot

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