Ubisoft’s codename 1666 reappears

Game 1666, the THQ IP acquired by Ubisoft a few years ago, has resurfaced.

1666, or 1666: Amsterdam, is the code name for the project Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Désilets was working on at THQ. He later filed for bankruptcy, selling off the IP to Ubisoft.

After rejoining his former home at Ubisoft, Désilets claimed to have been fired shortly after.

What followed was months of legal tussle, leaving Désilets to establish his own studio. Game 1666, however, has gone quiet ever since, leading everyone to believe it was cancelled.

Thanks to a new trademark filing though (dug up by DualShockers), it would seem Ubisoft hasn’t forgotten all about 1666.

The trademark was filed on April 13 with the US Patent and Trademark office. It covers game software, both digital and physical. Although, it makes no mention of the word “Amsterdam.”

Could it be that there’s a possibility Ubisoft is gearing up for an announcement? this registration could simply fall under routine upkeep done by all publishers.

Source: Reddit.com

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