The Division Daily Reset April 19th

Welcome Agents!
Here’s the daily information for you on April 19th 2016 regarding Missions and Weapons.

Daily Assignments

Type Description Reward
Combat Use headshots to bring 10 enemies to justice 10 Phoenix Credit
Crafting Collect 5 weapon parts 1 HE Division Tech
Combat Extract 3 contaminated items from the Dark Zone 7500 DZ EXP

Weekly Assignment

Weekly Assignments grant 30 Phoenix Credits Requirements:

  • Bring 40 Veteran enemies to justice
  • Convert 15 *Standard or higher quality crafting materials of any kind into a higher quality
  • Eliminate 40 enemies with explosives
  • Complete 10 missions on Hard or Challenging difficulty


Daily Missions

Daily Hard difficulty missions grant a bonus 10 Phoenix Credits and 5 sets of superior crafting materials, while Challenge missions grant 20 Phoenix Credits and 1 set of High-End crafting materials.

Difficulty Location
Challenging WarrenGate Power Plant
Hard Broadway Emporium
Hard Russian Consulate


Superior Weapons


Advanced Weapons Vendor


Source : Reddit

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