Xbox One Slim Heading To E3?

E3 is the biggest event in the gaming calendar, as confirmed dates keep coming in for the developers there has of course been plenty of rumours flying around, as you can imagine the biggest of these rumours at the moment is there could be a new “slim” Xbox One.

There has been a leak from the FCC’s Brazilian counterpart in regards to some specifications and a photo for what could be the internal components for this new Xbox One, along with this information and picture the regulator has listings reference to a chip and manual linked to the Microsoft console.

Of course all this information is unofficial at this time and probably will stay that way until E3, as an educated guess and with this information I would say with the unification of windows 10 it would make sense to bring out a console much like the steam consoles, probably without a disc drive as everything is leading to digital. I’m sure as the time goes on we will get trickles of information coming in but until then this is all speculation.

Other information listed alongside this is the fact that the NDAs for this hardware are up on June 25, which keeps everyone quiet until a little after E3 — allowing Microsoft to perhaps make a big announcement at the show.

Leave some of your ideas in the comments below.

Source: Yahoo

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5 thoughts on “Xbox One Slim Heading To E3?”

  1. Macintosh says:

    I’m gonna to buy it Day One! Can’t wait!

  2. i dont want a slim i want more power then the xbox one has the right to be called next gen console

  3. if it has no disk drive it defeats the whole purpose of backwards compatibility. I still want to know more news about it though

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