Dead Xbox Gamertags Recycled For Use

Starting from Wednesday, May 18th Microsoft will be releasing close to one million Gamertags that have been sitting around gathering dust since the departure of the Xbox 360.

The Gamertag release will only be available to those who currently have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold and have been subscribed to Gold for over a year on their account. They will be released over a period of 24-Hours to give those who are trying to get in on the action in other countries an equal chance to nab one. The change also appears to be free of charge in this instance.

The Gamertags are all from accounts that where abandoned long ago, so those of you who are long time users of Xbox shouldn’t feel worried that their account may bite the dust and be gifted to someone else. Major Nelson states that “it may be challenging to find the exact Gamertag you want,” and that Microsoft “can’t share the actual list.”

What Microsoft can share is the categories that many of the new-old Gamertags belong to:

  • Proper Names
  • Pop culture references (Entertainment, Sports, Gaming.)
  • Types of Food
  • Geography and Travel
  • Science and Technology
  • Math and Numbers
  • Animals
  • Some of the greatest inventions of all time.

As you can see, quite the spread is on offer. The Gamertags will be available on, The Xbox App on Windows 10 and on the Xbox One console.

Are you excited by the prospect of claiming an awesome retro Gamertag, or are you just content to stick with the one that you have already? Don’t hesitate to leave your opinion!

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