Ark: Survival Evolved Lawsuit Settled for $40M

The studio behind the popular dinosaur taming and exploration game Ark: Survival Evolved have been embroiled in some rather pressing legal issues over the past months. Despite the extended row the game has caused things have finally simmered down, a settlement between Studio Wildcard and Dungeon Defenders developer Trendy Entertainment has finally been reached.

The issues sprung up when Trendy Entertainment accused Wildcard and one of its employees of improper behaviour. This quickly erupted into a long drawn out legal battle which could have led to Ark: Survival Evolved being pulled from all the stores it is currently featured on.

The settlement was reached on Wednesday, April 13th, after discussions between the two developers took plays in Florida where Trendy has its headquarters. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed publicly. The co-founder of Wildcard, Susan Stieglitz, said on Twitter that Trendy wanted more than half a billion dollars. “lol they want 600 million,” she wrote on twitter. We can report that Wildcard actually only paid 40 million dollars, which Stieglitz wrote in a DM to a fan who then shared it on Reddit and Imgur.

The case was scheduled to go to court on April 27th before this deal was reached. If Trendy had been successful in its request for an injunction Wildcard would have needed to stop work on Survival Evolved, and maybe even remove it from being sold completely.

Are you an ARK fan that is glad the game’s production will continue unhindered? Was it right for Trendy to try and put such a successful title at risk? Don’t forget to comment!

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One thought on “Ark: Survival Evolved Lawsuit Settled for $40M”

  1. phew, my daughter plays it. Yesterday was my first time on it… I fully enjoy it ?

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