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Halo Community Update

Saturday is Halo day, and we do hope you’re getting stuck in to the Warzone Firefight Beta? After some initial teething troubles it’s been extended by a day until Tuesday, 19 April so hop on board that Pelican, Spartans!

Warzone Firefight – in case you’ve been living under a rock – is the Halo 5 take on the legendary Firefight mode that debuted with Halo: ODST and spawned many a horde mode in its wake. If you haven’t tried it yet, jump in and give the 343i number crunchers some data to play with.

“Data has shown us that almost 50% of you who ran into the “Defend the Garage” objective in round 3 met defeat yesterday. The data on your experiences as well as your feedback will be crucial to the Warzone team as they continue to work on the full mode. Once you hop in and play, be sure to leave your feedback in the dedicated thread, which the Warzone team is constantly refreshing. We’ll see you online in the playlist this weekend.”

Firefight isn’t the only legendary game type about to make a return – 343i have announced that fan-favourite Infection will be making a return, and is currently in internal testing. Infection is a huge amount of fun – nothing quite like that last man standing lone survivor vibe. We can’t wait.


Halo 5: Guardians is under constant review. The balancing boffins at 343i have announced some changes to Arena weapons in three maps – Coliseum, Fathom and Empire – all in the name of better, fairer matches.


  • Removed Binary Rifles
  • Swapped Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher weapon pads (Sniper to “Yellow Tower” / Rocket Launcher to “Green Tower”)
  • Suppressor moved to bottom of the Grav Lift



  • AW weapon pad modified
  • Max ammo reduced to one magazine total (no reloading)
  • Respawn time reduced from 3 min to 2 min



  • Shotgun moved back to Tower One
  • Plasma Pistol moved to “Mid” the small street in between “Tower” and “Pit”


Balancing doesn’t start and end at multiplayer, though. This week, 343i revealed the biggest changes to campaign so far, aimed at creating  more even experience. The full story is over at halowaypoint.com, but here’s the summary. Single player will get a little tougher, two-player co-op will get a little easier, and the Warden will get a little less annoying!

“Players and reviews commonly cite the Warden as an unfair difficulty spike on higher difficulty, particularly the triple-Warden fight towards the end of the game. Looking at this in depth, it’s partly because of the Warden himself: his attacks are difficult to avoid, he’s hard to get behind to shoot in the back, his front armor is durable. It’s also because supporting enemies don’t allow any breathing room – having multiple turrets firing continuous, highly damaging beams at you while you’re trying to dodge Warden attacks is pretty rough.

“Generally, this balance update smooths out the common spikes, increases the difficulty of mid-tier encounters, and makes certain enemies less frustrating or more satisfying to fight.”

~ Chris Proctor, Senior Systems Designer, 343i

Finally, in one single image tease, Forge looks to be getting all wibbly wobbly timey wimey. Is that what’s going on here? Only time will tell.

Halo 5

That’s your summary of this week’s Halo Community Update – pop on over to halowaypoint.com to get the full details. In the mean time…

See you in the Warzone, Spartans!

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