New update for Elite Dangerous

Attention Commanders,

Elite Dangerous will be receiving another update on Xbox One. Patch 1.6 will bring some highly anticipated changes to the game. Among those changes is the ability to customize the control scheme, form private groups, adding game extras like paint jobs and even bobbleheads, and additional language support.

Here is the full list in all of it’s glory. Behold:

  • Three new languages – bringing French, German and Russian text to Elite Dangerous on Xbox One.
  • Private groups – Create and join Private Groups in Elite Dangerous on Xbox One. Using your Xbox One Gamertag you will be able to create a private group for up to 1,000 fellow Commanders. You’ll need to be following each other in order to gain access to that players group.
  • Customisable controls – Every button, including the context sensitive mapping can be changed. This long awaited feature will allow you to truly customise your own playing experience.
  • Game Extras – Paint Jobs, Paint Job packs and other game extras such as Bobbleheads are coming to Commanders on Xbox One. Whether you’re an explorer, part of a pirate faction or a committed trade enthusiast, a large selection of colours, patterns and themes has you covered. Make sure to check out the details below for how the store will work!

Elite Dangerous

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