Division Bugs are Still Being a Glitch

With Patch 1.1 came the incursions, gear score and lots more loots to ogle at via crafting or drops. Lots of bugs were fixed yet a freshly brooded swarm caused some serious concerns for players when characters were wiped – make sure to search The Division to view the full stories on the patch and problems.

A hotfix yesterday dealt with problems that made the Falcon Lost Incursion too easy – *a small spoiler* here just in case you wanted it all a surprise but only the mechanic! – where normal weapons were able to damage the APC. Additionally, server stability was meant to have been improved but there are still serious problems with connectivity, error codes and crashes.

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Included is a widespread bug with the “One is None” talent which should have a 50% chance of returning a shot to the magazine when landing a headshot. But as the mag reaches empty, if the talent procs on the last bullet it is leaving one round in the magazine and locking the weapon up so you can’t fire or reload unless you swap weapons over. Connectivity is still an issue with unfortunate souls in Falcon’s Lost getting error codes, disconnects and strange bugs occurring at the most inappropriate times; I personally hit wave 15 yesterday before a group member was blown out of the map causing his character to be teleported to the entrance, leading to a wipe – highly frustrating!

The good news it that we are being updated pretty quickly instead of the community being ignored. It also seems that they are trying to fix the issues as quick as possible – the hotfix was less than 24hours. But for some, the problems may be causing too much of a headache and stopping some from playing at all. Let’s hope we can all play, repeatedly die and collect all the shinies together in the next hotfix – or find a quiet corner to cry into.

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