Xbox One Will Stream Straight to Hololens

While the virtual reality revolution continues to pick up pace, Microsoft’s AR headset is quietly carving its own path. The Hololens developer kit went on sale after the company’s Build conference, and since then we’ve heard… Not much. Until now.

It’s now confirmed: the new headset will definitely have the ability to stream the Xbox One directly to Hololens, thanks to the Windows 10 Xbox app.

That makes sense. Gamers already have the ability to stream their console directly to their Windows 10 desktops and laptops – so it’s natural that the option is also available for the AR device. The streaming option was first revealed when Hololens’ project manager, Varun Mani demonstrated it in action on Youtube at the end of last year.

Now it seems it’s a definite option. According to a post over at Windows Central, it’s a pretty straightforward operation. So long as both devices are on the same network, boom, you’re up and running. This follows the same logic as streaming to your computer. Unlike streaming to the PC, though, the Xbox One controller needs to be connected – wirelessly or otherwise – to the console, not Hololens.

Once you’re good to roll, you’ll be able to play all your games and run all your apps directly on Hololens without any lag or dips in FPS or resolution. The only real issue appears to be recording game DVRs.

Ok, it may not reach the highs of gaming on a big screen HD TV, but it’s a great option to have. Especially if you’re avoiding arguments about hogging the TV while Corrie’s on.

What do you reckon, will you stream to Hololens once it has a full public release? Or are you sticking to the traditional TV for all your gaming needs?


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