The Division Wiped Characters Fix Update

Earlier today we ran a story on a peculiar bug on The Division that caused players characters to do a rather literal disappearing act. That story can be read right hereand right now we are giving you some pretty good followup information.

On the official Division Ubsisoft forums Community Developer Ubi_Yannick left a post letting forum frequenters know that the bug had both been located and fixed in order to correctly restore all affected characters.

The issue was supposedly caused by a malfunctioning server that found itself unable to correctly synchronize character data and corrupted said data instead. The game was then unable to read the data and just assumed the character didn’t exist which explains the whole disappearing act.

If you were affected by the bug then you will be happy to know that your character isn’t gone at all. The team at Massive is working on a fix, though they don’t yet know when they will be ready to implement it. The good news is that it won’t take nearly as long as that pesky backpack glitch from the beginning of the game.

There is some bad news that we have to tack onto this though. If your character became corrupted but you had already managed to play for a bit after the update then any progress you made during that time will be gone. This is because Massive needs to restore your character to the latest uncorrupted save of your entire account. Essentially your character will be just as you left it on April 12th at 8AM BST. You will lose all progress made on the missing character or any other character that was done after that update. Rest assured any progress made BEFORE April 12th will remain unaffected.

Are you glad that the issues with missing characters has been resolved so quickly? Are you peeved that Massive and Ubisoft aren’t throwing in any freebies to sweeten the pot? Either way don’t forget to leave a comment!

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