The Division Incursion Patch Wipes Characters & Removes Daily Challenge

With Incursion released it looks like Massive and Ubisoft have got their hands full with game breaking glitches running rampant.

Reports have risen on Reddit and the official Ubisoft forum claiming that their characters have disappeared from the game after installing the newly released Incursion patch. But that’s not all because those that do log into The Division and find their character in tact will still be without the customary Division Daily Challenge.

Character wipes seem to be restricted to us Xbox users. In one case a player saw their character return after its deletion, which may imply that the characters data is lurking somewhere in the Xbox’s memory, though this seems to have been a lucky case. After logging in most have found their character model missing its arms and legs, and when they tried to log out and log back in to fix the problem they were let with no character at all, in some cases they would even lose some stash and cosmetic items as well.

As of yet we don’t know what is causing the characters to disappear, though Massive has recently acknowledged the issue via twitter, though some are speculating that it may be localised to those who have used certain exploits in the Dark Zone

The Hotfix releases in the early hours of the morning at 1AM GMT. We can only hope that the developers manage to crack down on this issue quicker than they did with the loading screen backpack crafting glitch, which has only just been fixed in Incursion.

Those of you who are missing your Daily Challenge do not fret! To end this post on some good news we can report that whilst the Daily Challenge was missing today it will indeed return tomorrow. You’ll be able to start grinding those High End drops again in no time.

The Division has bee a bit of a bug fest in the past few days. Should Massive formally apologise for the lack of dailies pre-incursion and the host of glitches after it? Do you feel owed Phoenix Credits or some sort of double drop weekend? Don’t forget to leave your opinions!

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