Duke Nukem, Sonic and Garou Now Backwards Compatible

The list of backwards compatible games on Xbox One just keeps on growing – there are now 156 Xbox 360 games available to play on the console, after Major Nelson revealed three new backwards compatible titles. You can see the full list of BC games over at Major Nelson’s site right here.

Overlooking the fact that ‘back compat’ is a seriously weak shorthand term (the French call it retrocompatible, which rolls off the tongue a whole lot easier), Major Nelson tweeted out the latest games to join the club.

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project is an over-the-top 2.5D platformer featuring one of video game’s most famous characters. The Duke – or Albert Wesker on steroids, if you prefer – is on a mission to take down a nutcase scientist who’s creating mutants in a bid to take over Manhattan.

Sonic the Fighters answers the question: Who would win in a fight, Sonic or Tails? It’s pretty much your standard competitive fighting game, but with characters from the Sonic series. The real issue though is, why doesn’t the title make grammatical sense?

Garou: Mark of the Wolves is an arcade fighting game, in the Street Fighter mould. You know, combos, over-the-top action, and a plot that no-one’s really interested in because it’s all about smashing the hell out of your opponents.

This has nothing to do with BC, but what a picture.
This has nothing to do with BC, but what a photo!

As usual, if you already owned these backwards compatible games, you can download them straight from your Xbox’s My Games and Apps. Or check them out in the store, if you fancy giving them a whirl for the first time.

Will you be getting on these latest BC games? Or are you going to sit out the retrocompatible backwards compatible revolution until Microsoft release Black Ops and Red Dead Redemption?


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