Destiny’s April 12 Update: The Full Breakdown

Destiny’s April 12 update will be bringing the games version to 2.2.0 and will be the biggest update since the Taken King DLC last September, and that was seven months ago. Coming with the update is new loot, activities, armour, the return of year-one exotics and much much more. In this post we’ll be giving you the low down of everything and anything to do with Destiny 2.2.0.

New PvE Challenges

PvE challenges are really Destiny’s brad and butter and while you’ve got your usual rehashing in some areas you’ve also got the inclusion of a new quest line, two new strikes and 16 weeks of ‘unique’ Prison of Elders end-game activities. Considering this is all going to be free that’s a pretty big bucket load of content!

Challenge of the Elders

The biggest part of this update has got to be the new end-game activity. A rework of the arena shooter Prison of Elders which just so happens to be the only way to guarantee yourself the new Light cap of 335.

  • Prison of Elders now contains two higher difficulties, level 41 and level 42.
  • There will be a total of four new bosses and a host of new modifiers.
  • Level 41 has a recommended Light level of 260, includes matchmaking and uses the normal PoE format. It will also drop gear of up to 320 Light.
  • Level 42 will be dubbed Challenge of the Elders and contains no match making. It also has a recommended Light level of 320 and is a point-based mode which can net you Light level 335 weapons and armour.
  • The Challenge of the Elders mode will be fought over three rounds, each of which contains a boss. Your fireteam’s score will be tracked on a card called the Elder’s Sigil.
  • High Score and Cumulative Score will both be tracked, meaning the High Score of each individual game and the Cumulative score of all attempts during the week. If a High Score of 30,000 is achieved players will be awarded a guaranteed 335 weapon. If a cumulative score of 90,000 is achieved over each week players will be given a 335 armour piece.
  • The challenge will reset every Tuesday and will wipe your Cumulative Score.
  • The Challenge of Elders promises “a total of sixteen unique encounters”, which will be kept fresh by variations on bosses and differing game play modifiers in each of the three waves. In essence, that’s four months worth of free content before you see anything repeating!

Blighted Chalice Strike

During this new quest line you will battle against a new Taken hulk boss named Malok. The beast has ambitions to take Oryx’s crown and will not be easily stopped.

Winters Run Strike

Ending with the fight against the Archon Priest this old school Destiny Strike is being added back into the Heroic strike playlist. It’s got a Taken theme this time round and has a chance of dropping level-appropriate loot.

Difficulty Increase Across The Board

A new level of difficulty and better rewards will be granted to Court of Oryx, Heroic Strikes, Nightfalls and the King’s Fall raid. Normal Mode on the raid will drop loot of up to 320 and the Hard Mode goes up to a potential 330, with this level being boosted to 335 in a hotfix soon after the update goes live. The Court of Oryx will also drop artifacts of up to 335.

New Rewards

The April update for Destiny provides a lot of new challenges, and with those new challenges comes a bunch of new loot. After the update there will be new gear, old gear and more new customisation options than you could shake a stick at.

How to get Level 335 Gear

Now the only way to guarantee that tasty new 335 gear is of course by hitting the hardest level on Prison of Elders, but it isn’t the only method to get to that new cap.

  • The King’s Fall raid Hard Mode will drop gear of up to 335 after a post-update hotfix
  • Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris will drop gear of up to 335
  • The Court of Oryx will drop artifacts of up to 335

New Armour Sets

The April update will contain a total of five new armour sets. This includes three revamped faction sets- these being Dead Orbit, New Monarchy and one for Future War Cult- and two completely new sets. The Spektar Armour is a set designed with Chroma in mind (which will be explained below) and the Desolate set is Taken-Themed. It uses the Prison of Elders gear models and is achieved through Sterling Treasure (once again, explained below.)

Sterling Treasure

This new consumable will give new armour pieces and Chroma to colour weapons and armour. It looks a bit like a small ornate box and you can get three of them per week. You’ll get one for simply visiting the Postmaster, one for completing the level 41 variant of Prison of Elders and one for completing a match in the weekly Crucible playlist. Whilst these aren’t exactly arduous challenges you can also buy them with real hard earned money from Tess Everis in the tower.

Changes to the Infusion System

The update changes Infusion to give 1-1 levels, getting rid of those approximations. For example, if you were to infuse a 320 item into a 310 one the resulting piece will be 320 Light.


The character customisation options in Destiny hasn’t exactly been its biggest selling point, but that might not be a trend set to continue. Bungie will be adding Chroma colour-shading to both Armour and Weapons in the update. You can now re-roll Chroma-capable gear into white, blue, red or yellow. Chroma also isn’t affected by shaders, these are two completely separate things.

Year-one gear upgraded

Certain year-one weapons, for instance the Badger CCL, Shadow Price and The Devil You Know, are being raised up to match more recent damage levels. These weapons will now drop from legendary engrams at 330.

Year-One exotics return 

We’ll be seeing the return of a bunch of yellows, which will come in at relevant levels, including Patience and Time and Sunbreakers. The Destiny Instagram Feed contains all the weapons and armour pieces revealed thus far!

More Emotes

A whole bunch of new emotes will be included for sale in the new update. A personal favourite is a nod to dark souls known as Praise the Gun, fitting for the Souls games new release. If you collect a full Taken-themed armour set you will get the Taken Shiver emote as a gift.

Hud is optional

You can now choose to turn all HUD furniture off, this is applicable both in social areas and combat.

Changes to PvP

The PvE and loot drops are not the only things being updated in the update, oh no, PvP is getting a few considerable changes of its own. Including revive timing, sniper rifles and a whole bunch of other stuff too!

Revive Times Increased

Two seconds are going to be plastered on to the basic revive timer. This means it will now take seven seconds to drag a teammate back into the fight instead of five. A second review will take 14 seconds and a third will take 21 seconds. You now also need to be closer to your teammate to provide a revive,  this all proves to be a pretty hefty nerf to revives.

Overshields weakened

Overshields aren’t as strong as before, this makes that revive nerf even more tricky.

Iron Banner Legendary engrams removed. 

Bungie is removing Purple engrams from the Iron Banner and will instead focus on rewarding players with tournament gear. Artifact and Ghost drops, which start at 320 with Rank 3 packages, will be guaranteed. Rank 5 packages even have a chance to contain the coveted 335 Light gear.

Ammo Changes

Players will now begin rounds with Special ammo. More will spawn at the three minute mark and then the five minute mark. Heavy ammo will only spawn once after five minutes

Weapon Class Changes

There are some pretty hardcore changes to weapons coming in the update, especially to snipers.

Sniper Rifles – Zoom length has been buffed on all sniper rifles. This is being done as an attempt to stop players using them as mid-range weapons. Snap Shot now increases zoom-time by 20% instead of 30% and stability is being nerfed to stop rapid fire.

Hand Cannons – Ammo capacity for Hand Cannons is being buffed.

Fusion Rifles – All fusion rifles will have a stability buff

Exotic Weapon Changes – Many of the yellow weapons are being tweaked in the newest update.  These can all be read HERE.

That’s it for the update! A megalithic post for a megalithic slew of new content. Are you excited to get your hands on all the loot from the new April Patch? Are you as impressed as we are about how much new stuff we’re getting for free? Don’t forget to leave your comments!

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