More Details About The Live Action Horror ‘The Bunker’

We had a quick chinwag with the developers of new horror game The Bunker at Rezzed and they outlined a few possible details about the games 2016 release and also a few more details of how the game will work and it all sounds good at the moment. You can find a link to the original article here.

We have already filled you in with the stellar cast and also the games promising developers so we thought we would fill you in with some more details to get those salival glands flowing. As was mentioned in the last article the game is set fully in Live Action so it will not be like Quantum Break with snippets of live action. The whole game will be Live Action with absolutely no CGI involved in the filming either so no green screen and no motion capture either. Every piece has been meticulously filmed individually for the players experience. The one thing they were very keen to stress to us was just how fluid the game actually is because there are so many interactive objects to be found strewn around the bunker it was important that every action made on screen is seamless and there was a lot of post production involved to ensure this fluidity.


One things for sure it’s no small budget game with big stars attracted to sign up to play the cast like Adam Brown (The Hobbit) Grahame Fox(Game of Thrones) , Sarah Greene (Penny Dreadful) and Jerome St John Blake (Star Wars) A meticulously crafted Complex twisted plot by award winning screenwriters behind the stories of Broken Sword, The Witcher and horror masterclass SOMA so there is plenty of potential. A Neo-retro soundtrack by composer Dom Shovelton is also promised. As well as living through John’s repressed memories in the bunker it is promised that there will be plenty of collectibles and secrets hidden away in the bunker which should be ideal for completionists. We should have a release date sometime soon so if you are excited about its launch please keep you eyes peeled on the site.

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