New Live Action Horror The Bunker set to hit Xbox One

Now I know what you may be thinking about this – “a live action horror coming to the Xbox One? Sounds an awful lot like a film.” I guess in some ways it does sound like a film, but with horror games of late taking a much more story-based approach with interactivity largely taking a back seat. (Layers of Fear for the Xbox One, Soma and Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture for the PC and also Outlast to a certain extent).

These games all share one thing in common – they are pant-wettingly scary at times, but they also prove that the very lack of a gun – or any traditional means of defense – is what makes these games scary. It seems that games developers are cottoning onto this fact, and this is where The Bunker comes in.


Maybe developer Splendy Games/Wales Interactive got some inspiration from the much lauded Her Story which, if you haven’t got a PC, is an entirely live-action affair that used police interrogation footage to help you piece together a mystery.

Having visited the site where The Bunker was filmed I can assure you that there probably aren’t many eerier places in the UK than this ex nuclear bunker.

The game centres around John, a boy who was born in the secret nuclear bunker in the mid 80’s after a nuclear bomb wiped out what was planet Earth. Fast forward 30 years and John is now a grown man – and the only one left alive in the bunker!

John’s routine is the last thing that is keeping his sanity intact, but one day in the bunker an alarm goes off that John has never heard in his life… so he can do the only thing that he can do – explore to see what set the alarm off.   Little does John realise the bunker hides a lot of repressed memories for him, memories that come back to haunt him and, if he is to survive, he must face his fears if he is to get through intact.

Why is there always vents in these games?

Games like The Bunker live or die by the narrative of the story – if it’s up to scratch then it could be a great game. Members of the development team have worked on the Broken Sword games, The Witcher series and also the aforementioned Soma which, in my opinion, was one of the best story-driven horror games in recent times.

The Bunker stars a few familiar faces. The cast includes ex Game of Thrones cast member Grahame Fox, Adam Brown  who portrayed Ori in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, and also Sarah Greene who may be best known for her role in Penny Dreadful, but has also lent her voice to such brilliant games as the Witcher 3 and also Assassins Creed 3. Completing the cast is Jerome St John Blake who had seven different roles in the second Star Wars trilogy.

The Bunker will be released later on this year in the Summer; I shall leave you with this Teaser Trailer:

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I have been gaming since I was a small child my first system was a ZX Spectrum followed by an Amstrad. Ever since I have had almost every single console that has been and gone. I am a big fan of football games stealth games and in particular horror games but all games in general. Indie games are my go to games at the moment. Favourite game of all time? Red Dead Redemption or Resident Evil.

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