Tom Clancy’s The Division No Dailies

Tom Clancy’s: The Division has a particular feature that keeps its fans baying for more bloodshed- the Dailies. Daily missions that reset and refresh giving a whole bunch of rewards to its player base. Unfortunately today’s dailies have been acting up and are not showing on people’s games.

This was initially reported by the Reddit user QuestionMadder and quickly gained steam on The Division’s subreddit, many others reporting the same issues. It’s not as if the dailies just haven’t reset though, because in an annoying way they have. If you didn’t do yesterdays set of dailies then you won’t find either, in essence, logging onto the Division right now you will find no dailies at all!

Ubisoft has responded on Twitter, saying that it is aware of the current issues with the dailies and are working to fix it, though there has been no recent updates.

It’s definitely a dailies only issue too, because the games vendors have been reset perfectly fine. As you can imagine the community isn’t too happy with the lack of their daily content and is even less pleased with how little information they have had from Ubisoft.

Are you experiencing these problems at the moment? Do you think you should be compensated with some free Pheonix Credits as an apology? Should Ubisoft handle letting their players in on things a little better? Don’t forget to leave your opinions as a comment!

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