Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Director Teases Multiplayer and New Gadgets

Mirrors Edge Catalyst, EA’s sequel to (what else?) Mirror’s Edge will be hitting European consoles on May 26th. With it fast-approaching the day of release, Catalyst’s design director, Erik Odeldahl hijacked EA UK’s Twitter feed for an informal Q&A about the game.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst acts as a soft reboot of the series, focusing on protagonist Faith’s origin story (reboots always do origin stories) and how she tackles a totalitarian company in the near-dystopian future. The sort of future where, to casual observers, everything appears bright and shiny, but disturbingly dark and oppressive below the surface. A bit like Pyongyang really.

When asked about the design influences Glass, the name of the city, Odeldahl said:

And because few games today are released without a multiplayer component, Odeldahl teased a ‘social play element’, saying:

This could be a full multiplayer experience, going toe-to-toe with other gamers, or it could be a leaderboard-style competition, much like that offered by the last two Hitman games.

Discussing the design implementation he’s most proud of, the design director stated that:

There was also some news about the new gadgets in Faith’s arsenal. When quizzed about them, he explained that thrill-seeker Faith will be reliant on her gadgets to explore the whole city – a lot like the Batman Arkham series, where upgrades are essential to visit key areas of the map.

That makes sense, given that Odeldahl followed up that statement about the city being filled with alternative paths for gamers to discover.

So after years in development, is Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s design director nervous? Well…

You can check out all of Odeldahl’s responses to fans over at the official EA UK Twitter feed.

The original Mirror’s Edge was a surprise hit when it was released in 2008, garnering acclaim for its smooth, frantic gameplay that combined parkour, gunplay and melee combat. Here’s hoping that Odeldahl isn’t too nervous about building on the gameplay that made Catalyst’s predecessor so successful.

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