GTA V New Game Mode, Vehicles and Double GTA$ & RP Next Week

A new game mode will be coming to GTA V on April 12th and will be bringing a host of extra rewards for GTA players.

The new mode has been dubbed Inch By Inch, and is a new GTA Online Adversary Mode. Much like Capture The Flag in other games Inch By Inch has players fight their way toward a Package and then fight their way back to their end zone. Those who carry the package are unable to use weapons so teamwork and playing with friends will heighten the experience.


The Adversary Mode Playlist, which began on Friday, will feature a rotation of Adversary Modes that can net you double GTA$ and double RP. The schedule is as follows.

Friday April 8th – Saturday April 9th – Adversary Modes 1

Sunday April 10th – Monday April 11th – Adversary Modes 2

Tuesday April 12th – Thursday April 11th – Inch by Inch 1

Rockstar are also releasing some discounts over at Ammu-nation until Thursday April 14th, so not only will you be gaining more GTA$ buying those all important weapons will be cheaper too.

Sniper Rifles – 25% off

Sniper Rifle Attachments – 30% off

Shotguns – 40% off

Shotgun Attachments – 30% off

Body Armor – 50% off


The good times don’t stop there. Starting from the 12th of April you will be able to purchase the Vapid Minivan at Benny’s Original Motorworks!

Are you excited for the new additions to GTA V? Will you be making use of the new cash on offer to purchase a shiny new Vapid Minivan? Don’t hesitate to comment your opinions!

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