Smite to get 60FPS Upgrade

With Smite continuing to upgrade and update its console versions one of the known upcoming improvements was to improve the FPS, smoothing out the game for a prettier ride. Yesterday, Scott Lusier (Game Designer for Hi-Rez Studios – Smite) tweeted that in the NEXT patch the console versions will have the option of running at 60 frames per second, though players will have to opt in for it.

ScreenHunter_63 Apr. 05 01.39

Although there’s no release date, Lussier does state that the patch changes have now been submitted so it’s not gonna be too long a wait. If you’re a Smite player though, he goes on to say about changing sensitivity:

ScreenHunter_64 Apr. 05 01.50

With a number of already announced MOBA’s coming to the Xbox this year, let’s hope that Smite can make the necessary changes to make sure their player base is happy and not distracted by shinier things. Their last patch included some great improvements for new and seasoned players alike, so they certainly seem to know what they’re doing!

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