Quantum Break – Alan Wake 2 Trailer?

With Quantum Break releasing in the UK today – already released should I say – those of you enjoying the time-controlling wizardry of Shawn….I mean Jack Joyce may come across some references to another beloved character: Alan Wake.

*SPOILER* Only a little bit as it’s right at the start of the game and, don’t worry, no plot/story spoilers, we’ll just tell you where you can find it for yourselves. Right near the start of the playable part of the game, your character enters the Riverport University campus. To the left, behind the statue with a load of signs, is a tent with a large TV inside which you can turn on – which shows a 2 minute trailer of a very familiar face; Sami Järvi. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s better known as Sam Lake, the face of Max Payne and Alan Wake.


Shortly after the TV there’s a blackboard with some other snippets of Wake references but we’ll let you discover those! With the game just released too, I’m sure there’ll be a handful of others too – surely there’s a Max Payne reference in there somewhere?

ScreenHunter_65 Apr. 05 11.07

And if you wanted to see the video for yourselves:

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