In Between – Dark Puzzle/Platformer Leaps onto Xbox One

A puzzle/platformer about a man dying of cancer… Hardly Super Mario Bros., is it?

After a critically acclaimed period on PC, In Between, from gentlymad and Headup Games, is finally coming to Xbox One.

Pitched as a complex blend of both satisfying puzzler and emotionally charged narrative, this award-winning video game offers platform gameplay that reflects the lead character’s emotional state. In a unique idea, the gameplay itself is based the scientific study of death – thanatology. That equals mind-boggling puzzles that involve defying gravity and manipulating the physical world.

With its distinctive art style – those are some evocative hand-painted backgrounds right there – gentlymad have attempted to create an intensely atmospheric universe, one in which a man’s fractured state of mind is translated to the physical world.

In Between is part of a growing trend in games, much like Braid, that attempt to marry the challenging, but near-throwaway nature of the platformer with a focus on deep story-telling. It evidently paid off: the game has won multiple awards – including the German Video Games Award 2015 and the RedDot Award 2014’s ‘Best of the Best’ – and has been nominated for tons more.

There’s no release date yet, but the game’s developers are hoping that In Between will offer Xboxers a game that ‘challenge[s] players on both a gameplay and emotional level.’

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