Review Roundup | March 2016

March 2016 was one of our busiest ever months for reviews, with 22 games passing through our hot little hands.

Standout star this month was Hitman Episode One, which earned a very impressive 9 out of 10. We called this masterful reboot “a perfectly pitched experience displaying commendable attention to detail” and we can’t wait for episode two, which should land around the end of April.

March’s reviews are listed below.

[table class=”table table-striped”]

,Date,Title,Score,Lead Reviewer
,31-Mar-16,TrackMania Turbo,7,Chris B
,26-Mar-16,Fallout 4: Automatron DLC,8,Andrew
,22-Mar-16,Sheltered,6,Chris B
,21-Mar-16,Hitman Episode 1,9,Mike
,20-Mar-16,101 Ways to Die,6,Julie
,20-Mar-16,Goat Simulator: The Bundle,7,Bryan
,20-Mar-16,Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse,7,Ashley
,20-Mar-16,Tom Clancy’s The Division,8,Stace
,16-Mar-16,Cel Damage HD,6,Steve
,14-Mar-16,Dungeon of the Endless,7,Stace
,11-Mar-16,MagNets: Fully Charged,7,Andy
,11-Mar-16,Blast ‘Em Bunnies,9,Mike
,06-Mar-16,Replay: VHS is not Dead,7,Andrew
,04-Mar-16,Reagan Gorbachev,6,Shellie
,04-Mar-16,Action Henk,8,Jeff
,03-Mar-16,Far Cry Primal,8,Julie
,02-Mar-16,Gunscape,7,Chris B
,01-Mar-16,Pixel Piracy,7,Chris B
,01-Mar-16,Layers of Fear,5,Jeff


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Our review team works hard to make sure our reviews tell you whether we liked a game, and why. We know you trust us to help you make buying decisions; we aim to make sure that our reviews should provide sufficient analysis and context to allow you to put yourself in the reviewer’s position and help you determine if a particular game is worthy of consideration.

We make sure we spend enough time with each game or product to satisfy ourselves that they we have an intimate understanding of it; the length of time spent with a game or product will vary on a case by case basis to ensure all our reviews are fully informed.

In general, we will review fully-complete retail products. We will review full games prior to general release only when the developer confirms these are feature complete. We may hold back a review or a score, or update a review or score after release to reflect changes at launch – for example we may not review the online element of a game if this is not available or complete at the time of the review.

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