This Week At Bungie – 31/03/2016

Also known as “The One I Didn’t Write Up on Thursday Night Because I Fell Asleep”, Bungie’s weekly update gave us more information and clarification regarding the new rewards us guardians will be toying around with come April 14th.

If you might have missed this week’s live stream, Bungie provided a “too long, didn’t watch” that reads as follows:

  • The April Update will provide new Armor and Weapons for your Guardian
  • Chroma is a new material that enables you to add a luminous glow to your character
  • Sterling Treasure boxes are a source of new Armor, Chroma, Ships, Sparrows, and Boosts
  • You can earn a total of three Sterling Treasure boxes each week
    • Play one weekly Crucible match featured in the Director
    • Emerge triumphant from the Level 41 Prison of Elders
    • Visit a Postmaster in the Tower or the Reef
  • Eververse has Sterling Treasure boxes, too, along with new Emotes for your Guardian
  • Vault Space is being expanded with one additional tab for Armor, Weapons, and General items
  • Some popular Year One Legendary Weapons are making a comeback in Year Two
  • Chroma can be added to Weapons allowing you to customize the look of your gun for the first time
  • There is also a Taken Sword. And it’s pretty wicked…

The weekly update also clarified a mistake made on the stream itself, regarding Year One Legendaries dropping from engrams. In reality, these will come from Vanguard/Crucible rewards packages, and levelling up with your Quartermasters has the chance of dropping Year One Legendaries at 330 Light. Those Year One Legendaries include:

  • The Devil You Know
  • Shadow Price
  • LDR 5001
  • Badger CCL
  • The Comedian
  • Y-09 Longbow Synthesis
  • Grim Citizen III
  • Two to the Morgue
  • Zombie Apocalypse WF47
  • The Saterienne Rapier
  • Lord High Fixer

Guardians who are online right now will also notice that Trials of Osiris is up and running. Fans of the tense, 3v3 mode will be hunting a new emblem in that mode once the April Update lands.

The weekly update also delves deeper into what Chroma enabled armours look like, how to obtain Chroma and what happens if you dismantle armour containing chroma (it’s gone, FYI). There’s also the usual movie of the week stuff and the reminder that there’s one more stream to go, on April 6th. It’s Sandbox and Crucible Updates, people, and it could be gamechanging. For the full update, click the link right here!

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Ashley Bates

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