Minecraft Story Mode’s Episode 5 is Out Now

The fifth episode in Telltale Games’ Minecraft Story Mode, is now available for download. And thus concludes the mainline story mode. Sort of.

If you thought that’s the end of the story, go ahead and have a re-think.

Episode 5, ‘Order Up!’, spins the game’s narrative in a whole new direction – upwards into the clouds of Sky City. ‘Order Up!’ will act as a bridge, and a teaser, for three new eps that are, of course, not covered by the season pass.

Up, up and away...
Up, up and away…

Rather than offering full closure to hero Jesse’s story, Telltale have opted to deliver these new episodes in order to milk the franchise for all it’s worth offer gamers all-new experiences in the Minecraft universe, where players must clear their name and prevent the destruction of the known world. As you do. Expect some tricky choices with serious consequences, as is the Telltale way.

And still we don’t mind. Despite the source material’s narrative-free gameplay, Minecraft Story Mode is a surprisingly awesome blend of action, adventure and story-telling – which you’d expect from the studio that created The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us games.

If you’re ready to save the world of Minecraft from a new Order of the Stone, you can download in the Xbox Store for £5.19 (unless you own the season pass, in which case, you can grab it when you load up the game).


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