Turok 1 + 2 Evolves into Xbox One Remastered Edition

Dino-hunters, prepare yourselves. Beloved N64 series Turok is being remastered for the Xbox One.

This was confirmed in a tweet by Night Dive Studios, who are looking to bring both Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil to a new generation of hunters.

This may, in part, be a direct assault on dino-themed MMO, Ark: Survival Evolved, who have capitalised on the fact that very few games feature fearsome terrible lizards (We’re not counting Lego Jurassic Park, and Dino Crisis is 17 years old).

The FPS first hit Nintendo consoles in 1997, with players taking control of Turok, a time-travelling Native American warrior who is attempting to save the universe from the Chronospecter-wielding Campaigner, one of those bent-on-world-domination-types.

Gamers can expect improved graphics and gameplay – which is precisely what Night Dive brought to the PC gaming market at the end of last year (and ported to the Mac last month) with the original Turok.

Although the original game was released almost 20 years ago, let’s be honest, taking on dinosaurs is something that’ll never get old!

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