Killer Instinct Season 3’s Revealing Launch Trailer

Season 3 of Killer Instinct launched today, and as tradition dictates, Iron Galaxy unveiled the launch trailer for the update, and it gives a clear indication as to where Season 3 will be heading.

The launch trailer shows off some gameplay from the 4 characters available from the off; Rash, Arbiter, Kim Wu and Tusk, along with their respective stages, costumes and accessories. So far, so normal, but the real news comes afterwards, when we get a look into the release schedule for the coming months.

In April, we shall see the release of Mira, a vampire character that’s been rumoured for a while, and even leaked a few weeks ago (we’ll get to that). In May, we’ll finally meet the big bad guy himself. No more Omen; prepare for Gargos…

We also get a sneak peek at another leaked feature, which is the Shadow Lords mode. This appears to be a single player mode in which you take a team of 3 on missions around the world, trying to repel Gargos’ invasion. Should be an interesting addition to the single player content. No release date has been finalised, save for the news that it’s “coming this season”. It’s a safe bet to say that we’ll get our hands on this mode once most, if not all of Season 3’s characters become available.

Then finally, in June we’ll be getting our seventh character, followed by the eighth and final character in July, along with a new unannounced multiplayer mode. Nothing has been specifically announced regarding the content for those months, but it’s worth mentioning that both Mira and Shadow Lords were leaked at the same time as General RAAM, and they’ve both come true. Come on… let me have some sweet Kryll Ultra Combos!

Have you been playing Season 3? Thoughts? What do you think about the content Iron Galaxy have planned? Let us know in the comments below, and check out the official launch trailer!

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One thought on “Killer Instinct Season 3’s Revealing Launch Trailer”

  1. GE4RS says:

    @GodLikeEric @IToTheG where ram? 🙁

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