Could Paragon be on the way to Xbox?

In the world of brawlers (MOBA’s) there’s not the greatest of choices when it comes to what’s available for the Xbox One. Over on Windows 10 you have the likes of DOTA and League of Legends, but the only current successful release on the onesie is Smite which, don’t get me wrong is a great and successful game but, is not everyone’s accustomed taste. This year has a few new releases appearing across the different platforms and one that looked the most prettiest in terms or realistic graphical astonishment is that of Paragon from Epic Games. But up until now there was no reference to it coming over to the Xbox One console; up until now that is. 

The Unreal Engine Youtube Channel has released details on how Paragon has made use of the engine delivered by Epic’s own Martin Mittring and Benn Gallagher on;

major features shipping in Paragon for PS4 and PC. This intermediate to advanced programming talk gets into the details of what developers are gaining through Epic’s work on the new MOBA, available in early access at – Youtube video info.

Paragon Xbox

I know, it doesn’t say Xbox in the above information. BUT – here comes the speculation – within the video (Found Here) at around the 20 minute mark discusses how the parallel rendering of the game across different platforms has been improved over development. Both seen in the still and mentioned in the talk, Xbox One (XB1) is seen as a port that has been considered and built into the game. Why would they do this if there wasn’t the chance it could/would/should appear with us is what’s getting people talking and asking if us peeps at Xbox will get to play the game, at least at some future point? Time for much pondering indeed.

If you haven’t seen the Early Access Gameplay Launch Trailer, check it out below in all it’s sweet nectar of holy beautifulness.

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2 thoughts on “Could Paragon be on the way to Xbox?”

  1. well, if you go back to when Sony talked about the game, they never said it was an exclusive or a timed exclusive..

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