Episode 2 Date Coming Soon, Hitman’s Elusive Targets Remain Elusive

Sometimes you have to take the good news with the bad, and this is one of those cases.

On the good news front, IO Interactive has let loose that they are planning on shedding light next week on the specific release date of Sapienza, the second episode of Hitman. Also, the Vampire Magician Challenge Pack will be releasing soon , so you’ll be able to ruthlessly murder your targets as a magician. This challenge pack will release as a game update for all platforms and also provide some fixes to the game as well.

For bad news, the Elusive Targets have been delayed until around the release of Sapienza in April. IO has offered a bit of a stopgap in the form of additional Escalation Contracts and challenges in the period leading up to the release of Sapienza, so hopefully that will keep players sharp until then.

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Source: Square Enix Forums

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