DOOM- Demons, Power Ups & Power Weapons Showcase

Bethesda Softworks are making sure we get our DOOM fix, as we get closer and closer to its official release they keep teasing us, supplying us with regular snippets of content to drool over. This time round we see:

  • Baron of Hell
  • Prowler
  • Invisibility
  • Quad Damage
  • Chainsaw
  • Guass Cannon
  • And everyone’s favourite the BFG


The clip states that there will be 4 playable demons, this time round we see the Baron of Hell and the Prowler. If your a DOOM fan(or maybe even if your not) you will recognise the Baron, a staple enemy of the DOOM games. The Prowler however appears to be a new demon, although it could be just a re-branded Imp? An enemy I would like to see more of, if only to see how it fits into the DOOM universe. The other 2 demons have already been showcased, the Reverent and Mancubus, both monstrous enough in there own rites!. These will be available for you in the multiplayer game, use them to hunt down and destroy the humans in the most gory ways imaginable.

Power Ups

Here we see the old faithful invisibility!, another item that has always been around in the DOOM games. It is, as its sounds, a power up that makes you invisible too the enemy team for a limited time. Will the demons be able to see through this I wonder? As previous clips have shown the Prowler to have the ability to read heat signatures, this ability also works through walls, rendering the invisibility useless against it. Second on show is Quad Damage, a power up that will give your weapons and possibly you quad damage, making your Super Shotgun even more super in every way!

Power Weapons

These are the big boys, you had enough running around with your automatic rifle? then hunt these bad boys out. The Chainsaw, the most iconic DOOM weapon every, deadly in the right, and even wrong hands, its a fan favourite, and its back in all its gory glory! The Gauss cannon, a new style weapon, not coming from DOOM;s original roots like the rest. Its a powerful energy blaster, firing a bolt of blue plasma/energy, which obliterates enemy’s in its crosshairs. nasty!. And finally, but by no means least, the one everyone has been waiting for, I give you the BFG!!! The guns full name from the original DOOM is the BFG9000, standing for Big F*****g Gun 9000. the most powerful gun in DOOM’s history. It fires a single bolt of green plasma/energy that destroys everything in its path. I cant wait to see how powerful they have made it in this version!

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