Customisation Options Revealed for Rash and Arbiter

Killer Instinct Season 3 is so close right now that my hype-o-meter has officially broken. We’re off the scale here, folks!

Anyway, hyperbole aside, Iron Galaxy have been revealing more and more information about what comes with Season 3. Specifically, the customisation options for the characters. Good news for anyone wondering what armour you could deck the Arbiter in.

In a series of posts on Ultra Combo, we can see that the classic Arbiter costume will be available as the Retro Outfit, which comes as part of the Season 3 Ultra Edition. Anyone clued up on their Halo Elite armour sets will find plenty to love about the selection on offer here. Ascetic armour is the way forward, if you ask me.


As for Rash, you can kit out the intergalactic amphibian in such ridiculous costumes like a Founding Fathers outfit and a “G.I. Joe” style solider uniform. It’s safe to say that Rash will stay fully ridiculous, no matter what costume he’s wearing.


Killer Instinct Season 3 will be launching on March 29th, with the Ultra Edition costing you £31.99, and will include all the characters in Season 3 and their retro costumes, along with some potential surprises. Iron Galaxy are known to be kind to their fans…

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Ashley Bates

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