EA Sports UFC 2: The Celebration Controversy

EA Sports have had to issue an apology this week over a pretty controversial issue. The problem stems from the fact that Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is currently ranked as No. 2 in the UFC’s Lightweight Division, performs the sign of the cross as his post-fight celebration.

The problem with this? Nurmagomedov is a practicing Muslim and the sign of the cross is a distinctly Christian tradition.

The fighter took too Twitter to air his grievances at this obvious oversight by the games developers:

In defence of EA they have since apologized to Nurmagomedov and promised to fix the issue in a future patch.

EA Apology

Nurmagomedov graciously accepted the apology, taking to Instagram to say that no one was infallible:

I have nothing against Christians. Every man in this life has his own way, and my way is Islam. Developers of the game made mistake. Let’s be honest, every human being made mistakes, and I’m not holding a grudge. They apologized and promised to fix it. Hopefully, next time they wouldn’t make mistakes like this, and take account everybody’s religion.

This issue could have lead to something much bigger and a potential PR nightmare for EA, but thankfully everyone was reasonable and the issue will be resolved, let’s hope it doesn’t occur in any of EA’s other big name games!

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Source: Gamespot

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