The Division – Anticipated Changes

With patch 1.02 expected to arrive next week, agents who have kept their ear to the ground probably already know -hopefully – what to expect in terms of changes to parts of the game. Just to recap, The Dark Zone should have some improvements to better-promote pvp and a tease from Hamish Bode (community developer) at possible additions already. But with nearly 4 game days played now (no competition, I’ve seen some of you with over 7!) I thought I’d express what these changes are hoped to be as well as others that could be introduced in the games natural maturing.

The DZ – We know this is being changed in terms of the loss a player gets from dying. To put it bluntly, it’s a bloody frustrating headache when you farm some elites for a few hours gradually leveling up your dark zone rank just to die unexpectedly either from a random spawn or unfriendly agent putting you back, or even further back in experience progress, than when you started. It’s also making agents a lot more reserved in going rogue due to the massive loss you get if you get caught – anything from a quarter to over a whole level when you get around rank 50. It’s great they have the loss/risk aspect, but it’s currently just too much.

DZ Death

Gear Setups – In a game, where nobody is safe, in the heart of Winter (imagine in a Don LaFontaine voice right there), where there are two main aspects of the game (PvE/PvP) you probably want to be looking at two different gear setups. In both, a certain amount of resilience is gonna be needed so you don’t get one-shotted by that charging shotgunner but you’ll want some more health/armor where possible (resilience) when you’re in the Dark Zone so you can take a bit more of a beating by other agents who are possibly running over 100k dps. Sure, if you can get the jump on someone else with a sniper or smg in the back you’re probably going to be the only one walking away but when you need to be on the defensive or holding out your rogue status, a certain amount of health will mean better survivability. Because in the PvE world, such as missions, you usually have the option to sit back and shoot from afar. And so two gear setups around a focus on different stats and even weapons would be made easier if certain equipment sets can be set and changed at the click of a button.

New Set items – We know they’re coming to us via the first incursion next month but what should be expect? Certainly nothing that makes every other piece of gear currently out as good as a paper umbrella. Of course there should be something different, maybe a slight progression of damage or unique perks/cosmetics but what you don’t want is there to be an even larger gap between newer players and the hardcore, especially when we go back into the Dark Zone.

I don’t want this to become a never ending rant, so let’s stop it there for now. I’m no way a hater, I’m the loving the game in all its glory. It’s still young, only been out a short while and it certainly sounds as though that those that can make changes are listening to the community.

ScreenHunter_34 Mar. 20 13.54

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