PowerA Mini Wired Controller Review

Since the Xbox One was released we’ve been spoiled for choice with controller options. The basic controller, special editions like the Master Chief, Covert Forces and Call Of Duty, the Lunar White and of course our current favourite, the Elite.

Another option heads our way now with the PowerA Mini Series Wired Controller, designed specifically for Xbox One. The controller is available in red, blue, black and a rather bright and eye catching green! This officially licensed Xbox One Mini Series Wired Controller has nano-sized features designed to fit perfectly in smaller hands.



This miniature controller features functioning impulse triggers and dual rumble motors, just as with the regular-sized models, offering the same tactile feedback experience.

A substantial 9.8ft (3m) power cable gives you the freedom and means you are not restricted to sitting right in front of the screen – and also means no batteries are needed. I’m sure many will agree nothing is more annoying than sitting down to game and a few minutes later the screen pops up with a message telling you your batteries are low – or even worse the controller just stops working completely in the middle of a game (and usually at a crucial moment). Simply plug the wire into any of the USB ports on your Xbox One and you are instantly connected and ready to go, straight out of the box.


The controller has a very smooth, shiny look and feel to it front and back. I thought this might make for a sweaty hands gaming session, but was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t the case. The left and right sticks have a rubberised feel to them just like any other controller, but they also have raised dots in the middle as seen below. I am assuming these were added to provide extra grip on the slightly smaller sticks, but personally I found these to be a bit uncomfortable on the pads of your thumbs, with a bit of an odd feeling.


The triggers are quite springy feeling and not quite as smooth on depression as normal, slightly stuttering when being pushed in or released. They have a moulded plastic impression on them – as does the D-pad, RB. The face buttons all have a smooth, shiny feel to them.

The controller fits nicely and its comfortable in smaller hands.  If your hands and fingers are smaller than average you will definitely feel most at home with this controller. Larger hands with longer fingers mean that as you curl your hands around the controller your fingers extend a bit too far past the triggers, meaning you have to pull them back further than normal. This can become uncomfortable when playing racing games, for example, when holding down RT for long periods of time.

You can see the comparison in shape and size below, with our red Mini Series Wired Controller compared alongside the standard Xbox One Controller, and the Elite.


My 5 year old daughter helped me with the testing. We played Disney Infinity 3.0, battling and racing with the game’s characters. She found the controller easy to get use to and liked the look and feel of it. The controller is extremely lightweight which will be definitely be an advantage for younger gamers, especially those just starting out.

Check out the comically voiced trailer from PowerA.

 Anything Missing?

There is only one thing that is lacking from the PowerA Mini Series Wired Controller, and that is a headset port. If you own a fully wireless headset then this doesn’t cause any issues of course, but otherwise this means you will be unable to use a headset when playing using this controller.

The PowerA Mini Series Wired Controller is available on Amazon UK for approximately £30.00, depending on colour choice.

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Although I wouldn’t personally use the PowerA Mini Series Wired Controller as my main controller (as I have long fingers, making this controller slightly too small to be comfortable, especially where the triggers are concerned) this is a great controller for people with small hands. It’s ideal as a first controller for young children, or a spare to keep at home for when their friends come round and want to play. It could also be good to take with you when travelling or going to a friends for some couch co-op, as its small size and lightweight design makes it easy to transport – and not as precious as, say, an Elite controller in the event it gets damaged!

Hannah Nichols

Gamer, geek and mum of 2. Social Media Manager and occasional reviewer!

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