Activision Leaks New Black Ops 3 Zombie Map!

Earlier today Activision sent gamers an E-mail to users promoting their Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Season Pass. The E-mail was letting people that owned DLC 1, dubbed Awakening, would get the Season Pass at a discounted price. The E-Mail linked off to their website at which users could learn more about the promotion. It is here that Activision has leaked their upcoming zombie map.


Ignoring the fact that the theme’s are exclusive to that other console we can see that under Zombies Theme we are granted a look at an area that we have never yet seen on any Zombie map. Looking at the source code we are told tha the image is ‘dlc2-screen-zombie.jpg”, which strongly implies that what we are seeing is a sneak peak at the next map.

The name of the map has not yet been discovered on the sites code and Activision have yet to comment on their leak. When it comes to Zombies Treyarch and Activision are usually incredibly tight lipped until the very last moment so this being intended is highly unlikely.

The accidental nature of this leak was further proved when Activision and Treyarch removed the above image, the website now looks like this.


In any case the map looks to be set in the future, the dilapidated building shown in the image is typical of Treyarch’s modular designs. Whenever it is, the building seems to have been abandoned for some time as it is heavily grown over by vines. Zombies theorists have long since suspected the next map would take place on the island of Pohnpei, an island in the Federated States of Micronesia, because of coordinates that had been found on past zombies maps.


The temperate of this map seems to back this supposition up fully. When looking at the Micronesian island it is clear to see that it is covered in a dense forest that is towered over by the Pwusehn Malek mountain. The scene in Treyarchs promo image matches this to a tee.

Are you looking forward to Treyarch’s next Zombie installment? What are your thoughts about it taking place in the future on the island of Pohnpei? Don’t forget to leave your comments below!

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