The Division Player First to Max Out Dark Zone Rank

What level are you in The Division? Whatever you are, you’re probably not going to beat Reddit user Chammer88, who has blitzed through The Division’s Dark Zone to reach Rank 99.

The servers for Ubisoft’s record-breaking franchise had only been officially been live for 130 hours before The Cham-meister finally hit the peak. Outside of the Dark Zone, the level cap is set to 30. Even reaching that point takes time and skill, although unlike the Dark Zone, you can’t lose experience points when you’re killed. So Cham’s achievement is even more impressive.



Chammer88 – whose plays under the ludicrously cool-sounding name Chaos 3SK – claims that the secret to maxing out his DZ rank was by stacking gear that offered increased XP. Couple that with what we imagine was near-endless play, and just over a hundred hours later, and that purple XP bar has gone as high as it currently can. Still, he reckons even that’s not going to stop him enjoying the game.

According to Chammers, the last time he died in the Dark Zone was at level 93. And he paid a heavy price for it, losing a massive 85,000 DZ XP. For the sceptics among us, you can check out his claim to fame over at The Division’s Tracker Network and watch his video for more tips from a hardcore gamer at play.

 Let’s hope he never goes rogue on our watch…

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