The Division – Hitting 30 and Beyond

As expected, a lot of time has already been pumped into the game. Trying not to make reference to an unspecific fast food restaurant, I’m loving it. And if you focus on the missions, side missions and resource tasks in each district of New York City you’re going to hit the level cap in fairly good time. You may have heard about the guy hitting 30 in under 15 hours but I wanted to enjoy the scenery, story and lore behind the characters along the way – don’t worry, NO SPOILERS in this article, I promise!

But over the weekend I hit that magic Three-O with a total of about thirty hours played. To some, that may seem like a short time to hit maximum level – “isn’t the game meant to be an MMO which should include hundred of hours of game time?” (that’s me asking a question from an imaginary critic there by the way). Well, yes and no. The leveling is only part of the game and like all MMO’s there’s that saying of “the game really starts at *insert max level here*”, so that’s what I’m hoping for with The Division. There’s still a number of side missions to do and plenty of areas I haven’t fully explored. That’s just outside of the Dark Zone too, which I’ve only spent a few hours in since the official release and where I expect to be spending a darn lot more time in my next few days of playing.

Last 30 seconds of the Final Boss Of WarrenGate Power Plant Challenge Mode. Just shows the amount of bullets some of these guys can take, no story/fight mechanic spoilers!

Looking at what else there is to do, there are the Hard and Challenge Mode missions if you are looking for a PVE challenge – from personal experience expect lots of reviving and relentless AI that both deal and soak a lot of damage. There has been the criticism of that aspect of the game; an enemy being able to take a few hundred rounds to the head; but this is an MMO after all and there would be little challenge in killing your enemies in a fairly short amount of time! If you are hitting the Challenge modes for your first time I’d like to quote Illidan here; “You are not prepared”. It seems that the difficulty of these missions increase in the same way the normal missions are – lower level normal missions will be a little more manageable than the latter. The squad I ran with completed an earlier daily challenge without too much trouble while another had us not even getting through the front door – and that’s not an exaggeration there. We returned the night after with better gear and more experience leading to us successfully (an hour and a half later with a repeated last fight) heroically completed the mission for our High-End gear. My drop was rubbish by the way. #HailRNG

Crafting and “Recalibrating” has it’s fair share of RNG, but is another end-game ingredient that players getting high-end gear will be using to min-max their characters; bonuses on an item fit your playstyle and abilities but the primary stat isn’t what you want? – reforge it out in the Tech Wing (providing you’ve unlocked the right expansion). As a note here, just because an item is of higher quality doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better – maybe a future article on that one.

ScreenHunter_14 Mar. 15 09.21

There’s still so much to do and the competitive side of the DZ is something I haven’t spent much time doing on the full-game release – I’ve been in it enough to hit Rank 30, just killed maybe one agent so far. That and challenge mode fails are next on the horizon with that gradual gear increase – or the RNG Gods causing me endless frustration with bloody awful stat rolls!

How are you finding the game so far? Are you still as addicted as us guys here at XboxOneUK are or has that appeal already started to wear off?

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