The Division set for Dark Zone tweaks!

The Division is set for changes to the way in which PvP in The Dark Zone works. Apparently Ubisoft are currently unhappy with how engaging it is to go rogue and fight other players in the DZ.

They therefore intend to change how much EXP you lose for dying with rogue status when killed by other agents in the DZ. The hope is that this will encourage players to attack each other more often and heighten that sense of insecurity whilst playing in the DZ.


On top of this, Ubisoft has also said it has no plans to nerf the rusher type enemies (those enemies with lightning bolts above their heads) after complaints from players that they were too overpowered. Instead advising players to play more tactically in order to take them out.

They rounded off by saying they also wanted to decrease the amount of server downtime for maintenance in order to give players more time to play (however given that this is still an issue in Rainbow Six: Siege we would suggest this won’t happen any time soon)

What do you think to these changes? Do you agree with them or not? What other changes would you like to see?

Original Source (GameRanx)


Jeff Simpkins is a part time Twitch streamer, Part-time news & review writer for Xbox One UK and full time legend (or so he likes to think). Jeff is also a huge supporter of Special Effect, The gamer's charity.

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