Could 64 Person Party Chat Be A Possibility?

Now if you’re anything like me that title makes you cringe just reading it, the idea of taking the number of people able to simultaneously be in a party to those heights is horrifying. Hearing 63 other people all yelling at one person as well as figuring out why you can’t hear anyone only to realise you’re “Disconnected” but still in the party are the kind of things nightmares are made off.

But what could be seen as a nightmare by a select few (and a God send by others) could soon become a reality if Xbox’s Head of Programming, Mike Ybarra, and his team get their way. In a recent interview, which stemmed from the announcement that this month’s Xbox update will see the party chat increase from 12 to 16 people, Ybarra made numerous statements regarding the past, present and future state of the party chat system.

It was 8 six months ago, then we went to 12, now we’re at 16, I’d love to get that to 64 because that’ll get Battlefield and games like that which do 64 vs. 64…have at it! Now, I don’t want to be in a party of 64, but that’s a different problem! [Laughs]”

When asked why he’d want the numbers to be that high, Ybarra raised the point that the Xbox Party Chat isn’t used exclusively for Xbox Live games:

“I like raising that – especially on the PC where a lot of our gamers use the Xbox app with non-Xbox Live games because you get free party chat, so if you’re in World of Warcraft and you have a 20-person raid, we’re seeing a lot of people loading the Xbox app, getting into big parties as their client for how they talk and they go in. I want to raise that number to make sure I’m satisfying the Windows side and their needs as well. I think it’s great that they use the Xbox app with all their games for free services, free parties, free chat, things like that.”

So there you have it, Xbox’s party chat capacity could increase even further beyond the current 16 player cap. What are you feelings on this? Is it a welcome advancement? Or do you think it will be simply too much? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Source: Game Informer

Bryan O'Shea

I was going to update this to say that I had recovered from my Destiny addiction. Unfortunately Rise of Iron has since happened so yeah.....

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