WWE Brawl – What Could Have Been

Wrestling is a bit silly, isn’t it? Ridiculously over-the-top characters hitting each other with ridiculous, over-the-top moves. It’s awesome! And nothing captured that attitude better than WWE All-Stars, which exaggerated each of the wrestler’s key features to caricature levels. Hogan’s 24 inch pythons become 24 foot anacondas, Andre the Giant had hands as big as Rey Mysterio and no special move was complete without at least 2 flips around the ring.

So imagine my elation and immediate disappointment once WWE.com ran an article about the cancelled WWE Brawl, the third game in a strategy by the now defunct THQ to widen the scope of WWE gaming beyond the usual annual series.

Taking it’s cue from 4 players scrappers such as the Dreamcast’s Power Stone and Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros, WWE Brawl would drop alternate version of famous WWE wrestlers in different themed locations (Undertaker’s Graveyard, for example), with weapons and fully destructible environments, and let them layeth the smackdown. This trailer, found on the WWE.com website, shows off some of the moves and concept art for the game.

Visually, the game would have been inspired by All-Stars, with characters being designed based on a facet of their personality or gimmick. The Miz would have been a Hollywood-style mogul, Triple H as some sort of monarch inspired by his many WrestleMania entrances, and John Cena as a mechanic. No, I don’t know where that comes from either, but it’s clear that’s where WWE Slam City took its inspiration from.

In fact, plans were in motion for WWE Brawl to spawn its own toy range and animated series. The story for Brawl even takes the different wrestlers and plonks them in a new city, with a corporate conspiracy underlining the whole thing, so it’s nice to see that the spirit of Brawl lived on in some capacity in Slam City.

So what happened? THQ happened, for one. The official article on WWE.com cites the “sheer difficulty to create a game of this magnitude”, which is frankly biased and a little presumptuous. Whilst the game looked fun, it’s hardly breaking new ground. The simple fact is that with THQ going under and auctioning off their assets, nobody was interested in a spin-off WWE game. A shame, really, as there could have been some fun here.

For the full article, check out WWE.com; it’s an interesting read about a project being canned months before release, through no fault of the developer. And hey, if enough people become interested, Brawl may yet see the light of day. That might be a dream, but teamwork makes the dream work.

Source: WWE

What are your thoughts? Would you have been interested in WWE Brawl? Let us know in the comments below!

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