PowerA Elite Controller Charging Stand Review

Last year at EGX we had the opportunity to be amongst the first in the UK to try out the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller and it’s fair to say we fell in love with it. There were certainly eyebrows raised when Microsoft released pricing details, but all that seems in the past now – read our full review of the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller here

The one issue we had with the Elite was a lack of a rechargeable battery in the box – it seemed a little penny-pinching for such a premium product. To fill that gap accessory specialists PowerA have  released an officially licensed charger Charging Stand designed specifically for the Elite, great for those long gaming sessions and saving a small fortune on replacement batteries.

‘Lights up Red when charging and Green when fully charged can also be turned off simply’


So let’s talk about the charger.

The design is brilliant and aesthetically fits perfectly with the Elite controller. It has the same black and silver finish as the controller as the image above shows. The charging frame is stable and looks like a high quality piece of kit – it would sit nicely on any unit or desk. The LED light bars indicating the charge level is a subtle touch.

The charger is supplied with a 1400mAh rechargeable battery, charge-through battery door and USB Charging Cable Included in the box. The Charger also allows you to keep your back paddles on if you use them so no need to take them off and on. A full charge takes 1-2 hours and will deliver a solid 12 hours playtime in our testing (with vibration set to maximum.)

Key Feature: With the snap-down charging design you turn the charger on and off with a simple downwards push. The LED glows red when charging and green when your controller is fully charged.

The charger is only £19.99-£24.99 RRP but it’s an in-demand product with most outlets still awaiting stock.

Setup is simple – here is how to.

This is very simply and explains in the guide inside the box.

    1. Insert the rechargeable battery pack into your controller.
    2. Attach the charge-through battery door that’s included in the box to the controller.
    3. Connect the Included AC adapter to your Charging Stand and to the plug socket
    4. Place your Xbox One Controller on the Charging Stand charge cradle and press down to initiate charging.

You can see my unboxing video here.

PowerA provided us with a retail-boxed sample for the purposes of this review. The Charger was tested for 30+ hours over a five day period.

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A sleek companion for your Elite controller.
  • Overall


A useful companion to your Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller, this officially licenced Charging Stand from PowerA will keep you gaming longer and eliminate that last-minute hunt for fresh batteries.

It does the job, looks great alongside your console and is an aesthetic match for your Elite controller. More gaming, less fuss. Excellent.

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