New Microsoft Exclusive: The Turing Test

A new Xbox One Exclusive has been announced via a YouTube teaser trailer by the name of The Turing Test.

Not much is revealed in the one and a half minute trailer other than some quick glimpses at the Unreal 4 powered environment and some inaugural dips into the story line.

Ava Turing, a space engineer, has been abandoned by humanity in orbit of Jupiter’s moon Europa after finding some new form of life on the planets surface. We can make some guesses at what the game will be about, The Turing Test itself is a test to measure the sentience of a computer machine, and going by the stationary robot at the end of the trailer it wouldn’t be much of a logical leap to suggest sentient robots were the simplistically scary life form that has humanity shaking in its boots.

The developers of the game, Bulkhead Interactive, state the game to be an exploration of consciousness and human intuition which will lead our protagonist through the mysteries and puzzles of the icy Europa through the use of her Energy Manipulation Tool.

Are you excited for Bulkhead’s new endeavor? Feel free to leave a comment with your opinions!

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Matthew Harris

Video Games are a passion of mine. I've been playing them for as long as I can remember. I've also always wanted to be a journalist. Now I write for XboxOneUK, the perfect combination of the two!

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