Phil Spencer Discusses Fable Legends Demise and more…

Xbox chief Phil Spencer has been a busy guy lately. First, he stated that Microsoft are committed to making the absolute best TV gaming console experience, and now he’s been chatting to fans on his Twitter feed about, well, everything.

The cheerful regular Joe gamer told one fan that he, too, was devastated gutted sad about Fable Legends’ cancellation after months in Beta…

…Before going on to reaffirm the Redmond studio’s commitment to the Xbox, despite rumours to the contrary. Because, as we all know, internet rumours are always true.

Our lad Spencer then moved on to discuss the overall output of games showing signs of MS success…

…Then clarifying that the Universal Windows Platform will not be a closed system – something we’re sure to hear more about at the upcoming Build conference.

But Phil hadn’t finished there. He threw a seriously positive spin on the Xbox-PC environment Microsoft are creating, when answering one fan about its effect on gaming.

Like a true gamer, he also confirmed that first and foremost, games come first. The business collaborations should happen naturally, like two lovers gazing at each other over in the moonlight. Well, he didn’t say that, but he probably would have, if he wasn’t limited to 140 characters.

Continuing with the ‘Phil Spencer is a real gamer’ theme, he also offered up hope that the upcoming Scalebound, developed by Platinum Games and published by Microsoft, won’t be rushed out, saying:

Anything else? Well…

There’s the Gears 4 MP Beta…

The issue of internal studios and AAA games…

His thoughts on Rare’s Sea of Thieves…

The joy of No Man’s Sky coming to PC (But not Xbox. Definitely not Xbox)…

And, of course, how he really feels about shutting up the Fable shop (Spoiler: He’s a gamer and a PR man, so…)

Hard not to feel for one of the friendliest faces in gaming really. Still, we’re sure he has another kick-ass gaming t-shirt that’ll brighten his day.

Yeah, the Battletoads one ought to do it.

Yeah, the Battletoads one ought to do it.

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One thought on “Phil Spencer Discusses Fable Legends Demise and more…”

  1. @XboxP3 PR bull. Funny he never replied to my tweet. Xbox is dead to me. #FableLegends

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