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Recently we have seen a surge in the amount of DIY that we’ve been doing. Not the kind that you do in real life, no, that bedside cabinet can wait, but in video games. We all love letting our imaginations run wild in Minecraft and constructing our bases in Fallout 4. In their upcoming game, Days of War, developer Driven Arts are combining your crafting skills with the action of WW2 FPS.

Lead developer George Rivara had this to say “We’ve seen our friends’ imaginations go wild using the Fallout 4 base builder – building massive and detailed structures just for the fun of it.  But after putting in all that hard work into building a base, all you can really do is stand back and admire it.  A base is meant to be attacked, and a base is meant to be defended.  So we thought, ‘What if we make building as easy as Fallout 4, then give you the ability to share your creations and actually play them with your friends?’ ”

The developers have have released a video showcasing some of the crafting that you can watch here.

You will be able to create reconstructions of some of the most iconic scenes from great battles i history or just let your imagination run wild. Then you will be able to take on friends in the scenarios that you have created.

The developers hope that this will combine the love of historic first person shooters with our love of building original designs and environments. there is also hope that a large sense of community will build up around the game. This means that you will be able to share your creations and play on then most popular around.

Days of War will hopefully come to early access this summer if it gets successfully funded. You can help the developer out at their kickstarter page here.

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