The Division’s Latest Easter Egg Found

Have you heard about The Division’s easter egg? It’s pretty cool.

We’ve always known that Ubisoft have a sense of humour – from reimagining themselves as the dystopian Abstergo in the Assassin’s Creed series to the hilarious release of Assassin’s Creed Unity and the ensuing DLC debacle.

Well, the games company has done it again.

Want to see it yourself?

Head to E. 43rd Street and locate The Firewall safehouse. It’s in an area called the Turtle Bay that’s heavily guarded by Lvl 27-28 bad guys. Take it easy and you can fight your way to the Easter egg safehouse.

Once there, you’ll discover Ubisoft Manhattan – despite the carnage outside, deep in the basement, Ubi-techs are still working on video games and its subsequent DLC.

Looking around the joint, you’ll also see a For Honor poster and some Grow Home artwork painted on cubicles.

It seems a pretty light way of showcasing these upcoming Ubisoft games in a world as bleak as The Division’s. But we’re just left wondering what other Easter eggs have we missed so far on the mean streets of Manhattan?

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