The Division: Infinite materials glitch

An exploit has been discovered for unlimited looting of materials boxes, this includes tool boxes, fabric lockers and satchels.

As this is classed as an exploit, and the videos have emerged, it probably won’t take the developers long to patch it, so abuse this exploit at your own risk. Who knows, the developers might let you keep what you gained in the exploit as I highly doubt they will keep it open for long.

It seems like a pretty easy exploit to do, find a box you want to loot, loot it. Go into the pause menu, group management, matchmaking and you can either use free roam or DZ. It will connect you to a random gamers group, find the box you just looted and you should be able to access the box again. This can be done infinitely, remember normally the boxes inventory is updated every few hours so they can be reopened. If you can’t wait for that, then try the exploit, as I said, at your own risk

Our video can be watched here for a visual description of what to do

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